Swiss Timing Medal for his contribution to the development of the Olympic Movement in Russia Sport Line at the Guild of bona fide suppliers
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Sport Line - official representative of the Swiss Timing company in Russia

From 2005 Sport Line is authorized to provide whole scope of work as supply, installation and maintenance with Swiss Timing equipment on the territory of Russia.

Surely, you know the world leader in timing and scoring systems. Facility equipped by Swiss Timing system stands in one row with the best world known sport venues. It means such facilities have possibility to carry out any competition, the highest level as well.

Starting from 2005, Sport Line became the official representative of Swiss Timing in Russia. If you stand in front of the problem of equipping of sports facilities or providing competitions - please contact us. We’ll be glad to work with you on different projects.

We are interested in providing our country large number of world class sports facilities. We believe that our collaboration will improve sports industry in our country.

Our specialists:

  • are developing projects and consulting concerning equipment on the sports facilities and Swiss Timing T/S systems;
  • arry out the supply, installation and setup of timing and scoring systems, as well as Swiss Timing scoreboards;
  • participate in seminars provided by Swiss Timing for their distributors;
  • services competitions where Swiss Timing equipment is used.


If you are looking for timing and scoring  equipment - choose the best! Choose Swiss Timing!

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Swimming pool “Cholbon”, Yakutsk

“Sport Line” supplied components of the refereeing and timing system for swimming produced by Swiss.

Our congratulations on the International Women’s Day!

"Sport Line" congratulates women on the 8th of March!

Sport and fitness complex “Gazprom”, Saint Petersburg (Peredovikov str.)

“Sport Line” supplied and installed sports equipment for the new sport and fitness complex “Gazprom” in Saint Petersburg.

Sport and fitness complex with ice arena in Nizhny Lomov

“Sport Line” concluded an agreement with OOO GRSP “Magnit” for supply and installation of sports equipment for the new sport and fitness complex.