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Wind Gauge Mistral

Wind Gauge Mistral

Hersteller: Swiss Timing

Typ: Refereeing and timing systems for athletics

Dimensions (WxHxD) : 850 x 1390 x 415 mm (raised) 850 x 760 x 200 mm (lowered)
Weight : 21 kg (with sensor head)
Measure duration : 5, 10 or 13 s, 1 to 30 s with RS422 serial remote control
Display : 2 digits, 150 amber LEDs each, 250 mm height, minus sign
Light sensor : 4 steps, autodetection
Display duration : 3 minutes after each measurement
Range : —9.9 m/s to +9.9 m/s
Accuracy : 0.1 m/s
Inputs/outputs : Sensor head : Tu 7pF RS232 (bidirectional)
Display, remote control : 2x Tu 7pF RS422 (bidirectional)
Start Measure : banana plug
AC power plug
Power supply : 100—230 VAC 50/60 Hz
Power consumption : 110 VA
Battery life : ~ 12 hours* at maximum luminosity
~ 60 hours* at minimum luminosity
(* measured at 20°C with 1 measurement every 10 minutes
Operating temperature : 0 to +50°C
Storage temperature : —25 to +70°C

MISTRAL consists of an ultrasonic wind sensor and a LED
display with 25 cm high digits for an outstanding viewing
range of up to 125 metres. The LED brightness automatically
adapts to the ambient light thanks to a sensor. In addition, the
field of vision is optimized thanks to the 15° inclined display.
MISTRAL provides wind speed data through a RS422 serial
line, or through an optional Bluetooth link, for use by external
devices such as a Scan’O’Vision STAR camera.

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