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Water Polo Field

Water Polo Field

Company: Malmsten

Model: 14042

Category: Equipment for water polo

Technicals Features:
The Competitor Water Polo Fields of Play are made according to FINA and LEN rules. They may be made for men, women, master or any custom sized field. A performing field for players and audience. Competitor Water Polo Fields are complete with tension springs and take up reels. The goal lanes attach directly to the hooks on the goals. The lanes of the Water Polo field are fitted to the wall or floor anchors (not included)

Our fields are constructed with the wave—damping effects of the Competitor patented flow—through design, which controls water turbulence by allowing wave energy to be dispersed along the length of the wave. Each field consists of a series of 100 mm polyethylene discs and donuts strung o a stainless steel cable. Each discs is designed to rotate independently of the others. This allows the wave energy to be absorbed and dispersed within the lane. This wave reduction optimises pool conditions for training and competition.

According to FINA rules the distance between the respective goal lines shall be 30 metres for games played by men and 25 metres for games played by women. The width of the field of play shall be 20 metres. For masters the distance shall be 23.5 metres minimum between the respective goal lines and the uniform width shall be 17 metres minimum.

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