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Training safety cage for hammer throw KLM-7/9-A

Training safety cage for hammer throw KLM-7/9-A

Company: Polanik

Model: KLM—7/9—A

Category: equipment for athletics

Technical Features:
aluminium training, cage height 7 m, gate height 9 m, WITHOUT ANCHORS, independent aluminium pillars anodized in silver colour, certified net, easy to assemble and dismount, simple operation, high reliability, pillars screwed to special anchors embedded in concrete, tightening system based on steel wires and hooks, durable and elastic net screen with proper absorption of impact energy, anchors without spaces accumulating water, corrosionproof, equipped with hinges for connecting pillars and putting them in the upright position — fast and safe cage installation, possible use of cage area for other purposes after covering anchors with synthetic surface, two movable panels equipped with double brakes and blocking pins, pillar profiles closed with top caps securing cage construction against water penetration, light aluminium construction easy to install without cranes, self—locking mechanism of net lifting by means of cranks, high reliability and easy operating, mechanism casing made of galvanized steel with powder paint finish

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