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Training hammer

Training hammer

Company: Polanik

Model: PM — training hammer

Category: equipment for athletics

Technical Features:

PM—2 kg
PM—2,5 kg
PM—3 kg
PM—3,5 kg
PM—4 kg
PM—4,5 kg
PM—5 kg
PM—5,5 kg
PM—6 kg
PM—6,5 kg
PM—7 kg
PM—7,5 kg
PM—8 kg
PM—8,5 kg
PM—9 kg
PM—9,5 kg
PM—10 kg
PM—10,5 kg
PM—12 kg

Steel turned head, powder painted, filled with special mixture of lead and fine shot, hammer swivel made of high quality hardened galvanized steel, steel galvanized wire, light and durable hammer handle

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