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Swimming starting block OSB11

Swimming starting block OSB11

Manufacturer: Swiss Timing

Model: OSB11

Category: Refereeing and timing systems for swimming

Overall length x width : 780 x 640 mm
Top plate length x width : 740 x 520 mm
Height : max. 650 mm
Material : fiberglass
Weight : 47 kg
RBD contacts : N.O. , max. 100 mA / 12 V
RBD connection : cable with 2x banana plugs

OSB11 presents a powerful new patented feature,
revolutionising the way the swimmers start
from their blocks. Diving from the starting block
with the body propelled by the knee at a 90°
angle drastically increases the explosiveness of
the start. Physical tests undertaken by top level
swimmers showed faster races versus a standard
OSB11 Starting Blocks have been tested by
world-class swimmers, who have helped to specify
the optimum angles of both the platform and
the footrest for racing starts. Design research
also applied to the top surfaces, very comfortable
yet rough enough to guarantee the swimmer
a feeling of total security. The length of the
platform is extended to 74 cm to accommodate
the new styles of start.

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