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Swimming scoreboard PICCOLO

Swimming scoreboard PICCOLO

Manufacturer: Swiss Timing

Model: Sirocco

Category: Refereeing and timing systems for swimming

Dimensions : 1030 x 1200 x 75 mm
Weight : 24.2 kg
Housing : aluminium
Fixing: suspension from the top with 2 eye—bolts
Display : 8 lines of 8 digits, 10 cm high digits,
amber segments with multiple LEDs
Visibility distance : 50 m
Horizontal viewing angle : 140°
Power supply : 115—230 VAC, 50—60 Hz
Power consumption : 100 VA (maximum) 30 VA (typical)
Data communication : RS422 (or 20 mA current loop internal
Operating temperature : 0 to 70°C
Storage temperature —30 to 85°C

For spectators, the excitement of a competition is greatly
enhanced by the instant display of the results, and ranking
of the different athletes taking part in the race. The
public feel far more involved in an event if they know, at
the same time as the officials, the results and distances
separating the competitors.
Piccolo, a LED scoreboard for indoor swimming competitions,
has been designed in that spirit and meets this very
specific need; it is ideally positioned for all swimming pool
operators who want to display the results of the 8 lanes
but are looking for low initial and maintenance costs.
PICCOLO can also be installed as a result repeater in
zones where spectators cannot see the main panel or in
the warm-up rooms or restaurants of multisport facilities.
Designed for indoor use, PICCOLO is based on high efficiency
amber LEDs, which guarantees clear and precise
visibility. The digits are 10 cm high, allowing a read distance
of up to 50 metres.

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