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Street basketball unit 705

Street basketball unit 705

Company: Haspo

Model: 705, 7051

Category: Equipment for basketball

Technicals Features:
705 — basket height 3050 mm
7051— basket height 2600 mm

This is a real alternative to the basketball practice unit of Cat.-no.
703 even considering the price.
The new back boards, also made of glass-fibre, together with the
upright forming a knee give the unit an up-to-date design.
The upright is also made of special thick-walled aluminium square
profiles 80 × 80 mm. This construction, however, is forming a
knee and therefore has a total overhang of 650 mm.
The connection from basket to back board construction is execute
acc. to CEN-Norm. The basket height meets competition
requirements. Special wedges prevent the equipment wavering in
special stable ground sockets.
Easy and quick assembly. Glass fibre back boards of 100 × 75 cm,
absolutely weatherproof, scratch- and impact-resistant finish.
Standard equipment: Natural bright aluminium finish.
Incl. back board mountings, back boards of glass-fibre with
baskets coloured orange and nets coloured white, ground
sockets – insertion depth 500 mm – with covers and special

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