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Storage System Easy Rack

Storage System Easy Rack

Made in: Poland

Model: Easy Rack

Category: Storage System

Additional options:
— handles made of stainless steel
— wheels
— stainless steel rail with drainage system
— one—side wall Rack
— panel version Rack

Height: 134cm
Width: 50cm

Easy Rack is the simplest and the most universal way to store winter equipment. Easy Rack allows storing all types of skis (freestyle, free-ride, cross-country) and snowboards. To meet the needs and expectations of every user there are different versions of racks available. There can be found racks of different dimensions and capacity in our offer, racks adjusted to railing system, racks on wheels ideal for the ski workshop as well as one-side racks suitable to be mounted at the wall. Easy Rack's drainage system has been constructed to allow the water to flow outside the rack to make your work more comfortable. The upper bar is made of aluminum profile which is connected with the rubber lath which provides safe keeping of the equipment in the rack. The basic version of the rack is adapted to railing system.

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