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Spray-line markers Starliner 1980

Spray-line markers Starliner 1980

Company: Haspo

Model: 1980

Category: Equipment for football

Technicals Features:
Length: 1.12 m
Width: 0.72 m
Height: 0.90 m
Empty weight: 9 kg

This “new” design is the consistent enhancement of our
Spray-line markers Cat.-no. 198, but has significant advantages:
- Pressure/paint tank made of transparent plastics, supplied
with the label “Starliner”
- Capacity 11 litres, (instead of 8 litres previously)
- With plastic hand pump
- Piston manometer incl. safety valve, operating pressure 3 bar
- Capacity scale on the pressure/colour tank; ensuring the
operator can see the fill level at all times
- The sprayer incl. the spray tube can easily be removed from its
holder to mark even difficult spots such as the penalty spot
- No manual lever with cable pull necessary anymore. To mark
lines continuously the sprayer is arrested using the red clamp
located at the sprayer. Upon completion of the spraying
process, simply loosen the red clamp
Characteristics of markers:
- complete frame made of robust aluminium profiles
- 3 easy running wheels with pneumatic tyres 260 × 85 mm
with synthetic rims
- spraying device with flat blast synthetic nozzle, operated by
hand lever
- easily adjustable width of line from 50 to 120 mm
Standard equipment: Complete incl. all necessary accessories
but without marking colour

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