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Spray-line markers Roll-Liner 1986

Spray-line markers Roll-Liner 1986

Company: Haspo

Model: 1986

Category: Equipment for football

Technicals Features:
Length: 0.95 m
Width: 0.63 m
Height: 0.90 m
Empty weight: 21 kg

For many years this simple kind of marking has proved in
England and Scandinavia.
Construction: strong steel construction – enamelled, contents
15 liters. Big pneumatic tyres of 290 × 90 mm with synthetic
Technique: the colour is sprayed on the field by a roller system.
Width of roller 100 mm.
Working: fill colour in the tank and start rolling-marking will
start. Consumption is regulated by an adjustable spring mounted
brush system. About 8 liters of colour mixture are necessary for
one field.
Maintenance: after having finished marking remove the
remaining colour from the tank. Then clean the tank and the
rollers with water. Nothing is easier.

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