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Sports parquet floor Spluga

Sports parquet floor Spluga

Company: Seicom


Category: Sports coverage

His solution’s been specifically developed for basketball and for sports activities requiring a great ball rebound, together with an excellent elasticity and deformation to impacts. All the several references both in Italy and abroad are evidence of the great reliability of this system, which remains one of the main pillars of our production, even after years.

[Brief technical description:]
Sports floor consisting of double spring layer made of fir boards with elastic neoprene elements - trapezoid shaped – and top layer made of solid pre-lacquered parquet strips 22 mm thickness. Total thickness 83 mm.
[Technical description:]
The main steps of making the sports floor model SPLUGA are:
- Laying of a polyethylene sheet - 0,20 mm thickness - as anti-steam barrier, turned-up at the edges in order to make a small tank.
- Laying of the bottom spring layer; fir battens are settled in the parallel way and have 23 mm thickness, 50 mm width, 3000-4000 mm length, with a distance between the boards of approx. 400 mm o.c.; 15 mm thickness neoprene rubber pads are nailed to the bottom spring layer in order to make the surface resilient and able to absorb players’ impact.
- Insertion of Rockwool (fire reaction Class 0) between the spring layers, in order to control both thermal and sound reaction.
- Laying of the upper spring layer (perpendicular to the bottom one), made of fir boards 23 mm thickness, 50 mm width, 3000-4000 mm length
- Last step: laying of solid parquet strips (nailed with special T-shaped nails) 22 mm thickness, 129 mm width, 1830 mm length, made of HEVEA RUBBER WOOD, in the deck bridge way. These HEVEA staves (Classic quality – first Uni A) are pre-lacquered in factory and supplied at a humidity of 9/11%, which means a room humidity of 45/50%. The staves made of solid Hevea (22 mm thickness) have tongue-and-groove joint on all sides, and are made of a couple of staves (two-strips, pre-assembled) having “finger-jointed” connection, also known as dovetail.
- Sanding of the whole surface with abrasive disk to give the lacquer a better grip.
- Game line marking with colors on Customer’s choice.
- Laying of special finishing lacquer, specific for sports use.
Sports parquet floor - FIBA certified
EN 14904 Certification
EN 13501 Fire resistance Certificate
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