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Sports parquet floor Ortles

Sports parquet floor Ortles

Company: Seicom


Category: Sports coverage

Basic sports floor to approach solid wood; this system in particular is really simple because of its easy carrying out.

[Brief technical description:]
Sports floor based on elastic mattress in order to have a uniform distribution of the flexibility. The parquet is laid and connected by means of specific metal clips. Total thickness 37 mm.
[Technicals Features:]
The main steps of making the sports floor model ORTLES are:
- Laying of a polyethylene sheet - 0,20 mm thickness - as anti-steam barrier on the concrete.
- Laying of PUR elastic layer, 15 mm thickness, in order to make the floor uniformly resilient.
- Last step: laying of parquet staves, 22 mm thickness, 129 mm width, 1830 mm length, made of HEVEA RUBBER WOOD, settled in the “deck bridge” way. These HEVEA staves (Classic quality - first Uni A) are pre-lacquered in factory and supplied at a humidity of 9/11%, which means a room humidity of 45/50%. The staves made of solid Hevea (22 mm thickness) have tongue-and-groove joint on all sides, and are made of a couple of staves (two-strips, pre-assembled) having “finger-jointed” connection, also known as dovetail, and are fixed with metal clips, namely 17 pcs/sqm.
- Sanding of the whole surface with abrasive disk to give the lacquer a better grip.
- Game line marking with colors on Customer’s choice.
Sports parquet floor - FIBA certified
EN 14904 Certification
EN 13501 Fire resistance Certificate
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