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Sports parquet floor Bormio

Sports parquet floor Bormio

Company: Seicom


Category: Sports coverage


Suitable for big multi—functional facilities; this sports floor can be easily removed and is therefore recommended in case the surface needs to be used for trade fairs, concerts, events without the risk of damaging the parquet.
This kind of floor was supplied in occasion of Athens 2004 Olympic Games, including the Final Games, and is still used for international as well as Euro league at Athens’ Olympic Sports Center.
Model Bormio bears several international references, since Seicom has a thirty—year experience in manufacturing sports floors made of portable modules.

[Brief technical description:]
Panels consisting of top layer made of solid wood 22 mm thickness, nailed to a wooden double understructure; the perimetric iron joint allows a quick junction between the panels, which are then locked by the central adjustable bolt.
[Technical description:]
The main steps of making the portable sports floor model BORMIO are:
- Standard dimensions of the panel: mm 910 x mm 1830 X mm 83.
- Weight of each panel: 38 Kg.
- Disassembly (for a m 19x32 = 608 sqm court): 4 workers normally need an average time of 4 hours.
- Panels are numbered to make the re-assembly easier.
- Structure made of iron and solid fir wood, consisting of supporting jointed frames in order to secure flexibility to the whole structure, with anti mould treatment.
- Metal bayonet connection and tongue-and-groove joint, adjustable metal hooks between the panels, in order to prevent boards from sliding both horizontally and vertically and to grant a perfectly flat surface.
- Bottom wooden frame: thickness mm 50 - width mm 70.
- Upper wooden frame (at right angle to the first one): thickness mm 25, width mm 70.
- Treatment by means of a special impregnating fireproof lacquer, anti-humidity, anti-fungus and bacteria-resistant.
- Parquet floor made of HEVEA RUBBER WOOD nailed and laid in the 'deck bridge' way, thickness mm 22, width mm 129, length mm 1830 (two strips, finger-jointed, pre-lacquered by means of 7 coats of lacquer); it’s a tropical wood, very light colored, very stable, excellent in case of humidity;
- Application of special no-slip lacquer, specific for sports use.
- Game line markings for volleyball and basketball, colors on Customer's choice;
- Side skirting board in order to allow ventilation underneath the parquet floor.
- This kind of floor belongs to the floating floors category, and grants both constant flexibility and ball rebound on the whole surface.
- Possible supply of forklift or stocking carts
Sports parquet floor - FIBA certified
EN 14904 Certification
EN 13501 Fire resistance Certificate
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