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Sports parquet floor Berna

Sports parquet floor Berna

Company: Seicom

Model: BERNA

Category: Sports coverage


Sports floor suitable for multi—functional facilities for international competitive events.
The system consists of a very compact double spring layer, providing for a double understructure on a continuous elastic layer in only 42 mm thickness; that’s why this system is highly recommended in case of under floor heating.
Model Berna offers high performances granted by a double understructure floor, concentrated in a simple and quickly installable package.

[Brief technical description:]
Sports floor consisting of a double spring layer made of plywood strips, resting on elastic mattress, top layer made of pre-finished engineered parquet elements; wearing layer: beech 4 mm thickness – total thickness 42 mm.
[Technical description:]
The main steps of making the sports floor model BERNA are:
- Laying of a polyethylene sheet - 0,20 mm thickness - as anti-steam barrier, turned-up at the edges in order to make a small tank.
- Laying of a PUR agglomerate mattress, 10 mm thickness, in order to make the flooring elastic and able to absorb players’ impacts, according to the current international laws.
- Bottom spring layer: 9 mm thickness, consisting of plywood strips (5 plies), 105 mm width, spaced from each other and placed parallel to the engineered parquet elements
- Upper spring layer: 9 mm thickness, consisting of plywood strips (5 plies), 105 mm width, stapled to the bottom spring layer, spaced from each other and placed diagonally to the engineered parquet elements.
- Top layer of the load distribution plate, 14 mm thickness, made of engineered parquet elements with tongue and groove, consisting of:
     - upper (wearing) layer, 4 mm thickness made of beech, ash or similar
     - middle layer, 9mm thickness made of fir wood
     - bottom layer, 1 mm thickness solid wood
     - The parquet elements are stapled to the upper spring layer.
     - Game line marking of the playing court with colours upon Customer’s choice.
Sports parquet floor - FIBA certified
EN 14904 Certification
EN 13501 Fire resistance Certificate
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