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Skate sharpening machine SkatePal-Pro2

Skate sharpening machine SkatePal-Pro2

Made in: Sweden

Model: SkatePal—Pro2


Technicals Features:
Power: 12 VDC, 1 phase 100—240 VAC 50—60 Hz, 180 W
Length: 670 mm
Width: 210 mm
Height: 12 Inch (300 mm)
Weight: 320 mm

Speed Matters! It’s a fact that the diamond grinding gives a sharper, cleaner and more consistent sharpening. As such the hollow grind will be the same with every sharpening. The SkatePal's precise diamond sharpening sets a new era of superior on ice performance. It can’t be easier, just clamp the skates and minutes later you have perfect edges. SkatePal provides a new higher skate sharpening standard. Try it out and experience the drastic impact on your game!

Key Features:                                                          
- Retains the blade profile and hollow                      
- Quick changeable grinding wheels and hollow
- Cold Diamond Cut skate sharpening
- Automatic centering of skate blades
- 1-3 min per pair

Key Benefits:
- Maximize acceleration, agility and speed
- Unmatched sharpness and edge control
- Easy operation, consistent sharpening
- Eliminates uneven edges and overworked steel blades

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