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Skate sharpening machine AS 1001 Portable

Skate sharpening machine AS 1001 Portable

Made in: Sweden

Model: AS 1001 Portable


Technicals Features:
Power: 1 phase 100—240 VAC 50—60 Hz, 200 W
Length: 26 Inch (660 mm)
Width: 8 Inch (200 mm)
Height: 9 Inch (240 mm)
Weight: 40 lbs (18 kg)

The AS 1001-Portable skate sharpener is now equipped with the new ProSharp Performance Dresser which is the easy-to-use tool to make the Channel Z hollow in the middle of the blade's surface combined with any desired regular hollow of your wish to gain maximum speed and grip.

- Adjustable hollow setting, entirely flat to 1/4 inch (6 mm)
- Electronic parts and roller bearings are shielded from skate residue
- Adjustable grinding wheel pressure and feed speed are constant during the entire cycle
- Automatic repeat grinding

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