Swiss Timing Medal for his contribution to the development of the Olympic Movement in Russia Sport Line at the Guild of bona fide suppliers
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Rubber barbells RG

Rubber barbells RG

Made in: Germany

Model: RG


Technicals Features:
red / black, size: 120 cm
RG—100LG 10,00 kg
RG—150LG 15,00 kg
RG—200LG 20,00 kg
RG—250LG 25,00 kg
RG—300LG 30,00 kg
RG—350LG 35,00 kg
RG—400LG 40,00 kg
RG—450LG 45,00 kg
RG—500LG 50,00 kg
RG—550LG 55,00 kg

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