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Rowing start light system RowLux

Rowing start light system RowLux

Made in: Hungary

Model: RowLux

Type: main equipment for rowing channels
RowLux system provides visual and acoustic signals to maximally support the judges in the conduction of the complex start procedure. It makes the communication between the athletes and judges straightforward in the start—zone and gives as equal chanes for each boat as posible.
The signal posts are placed on the start pontoon, one for each lane. The four light signals from top to bottom: yellow light, number display, red light and green light. The control box is installed in the starting tower and it can also operate the Polaritas automatic start system.

Main features:
Good visibility even in bright sunlight;
Separate signal post for each rowing lane:
— "Attention" and "Start" lights
— "Warning", "Disqualified" and "False start" signals
— Lane number or boat number display
— Start and false start sound signals
Control panel and indicator lights for the starter judge;
Signal lights and controls for the aligner judge:
— "Start gate area empty"
— "Ready to start"
— "False start request"
The signals can be adapted if competition rules change;
Can be synchronized to the automatic start system;
Can be used separately from the start system.

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