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Rowing machine Vasa Trainer Pro SE

Rowing machine Vasa Trainer Pro SE

Made in: USA

Model: Trainer Pro SE

Category: specialized machines for rowing

The Vasa Trainer is ideal for swim—specific strength training, total body fitness and rehabilitation. With over 200 functional exercise choices, the Vasa Trainer’s unrivaled versatility, durability and value make it the top choice for coaches, athletes and clubs worldwide. The Vasa Trainer has set the standard for swim benches and total body gyms for over 20 years.

  • Develop true swim-specific strength
  • Uses body weight to train with sports-specific motions
  • Gain strength quickly & results faster
  • Exercise in a full range of motion
  • Correct stroke flaws and transfer proper technique to the water
  • Targeted exercises strengthen exactly the muscles you want
  • Great for rehab and preventing injuries

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