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Rowing machine Vasa Swim Ergometer

Rowing machine Vasa Swim Ergometer

Made in: USA

Model: Swim Ergometer

Category: specialized machines for rowing

The ultimate tool for simulating swim training on land. Training on the “Erg” will increase your sustained power and endurance and improve your stroke technique. The adjustable airflow resistance realistically simulates the feeling of swimming in the water. The Erg’s precision power meter provides reliable, measurable feedback to monitor workout performance and progress.

  • Airflow fanwheel with 7 resistance settings
  • Power meter with precision force measurement system
  • Build incredible endurance and stamina
  • Increase your anaerobic power
  • Develop proper stroke technique
  • Versatility with over 50 functional exercises
  • Electronic monitor measures R&L arms independently
  • High quality, efficient workouts save time
  • Train when you want, all year long, on your schedule

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