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Portable stackable grandstand S07671

Portable stackable grandstand S07671

Company: Sport System

Model: S07671

Category: optional equipmentq

Technicals Features:
Portable stackable grandstand made of 4 seating modules with lenght of cm 240, 220, 200, 180 and 1 step module with lenght of cm 140 corresponding to a total lenght of cm 980 and average capacity of 60 spectators distributed in 3 seating rows. Total depth of grandstand corresponds to cm 190 and maximum height on the back side corresponds to cm 130. Varnished steel structure and wooden walking and seating areas. Each module can be tipped—up and transported on the proper 4 pivoting wheels installed on the back side of the structure. Modules can be stocked on wheels one inside the other in order to minimize the storage volume to cm 240x150x190h.

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