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Playground goals 106

Playground goals 106

Company: Haspo

Model: 106

Category: Equipment for football

Technicals Features:
Completely welded, 3 × 2 m
Wherever you need very strong goals, for example on playgrounds
or school yards, we developed these goals completely welded in
one piece made of aluminium.
Now we also supply an execution with lengthened uprights
“For insertion into ground sockets” and with Basketball unit.
A net is not necessary. There is a frame of stable aluminium
tubes of 35 × 3 mm to catch the ball. Distance of tubes is 88 mm.
The rear and lateral tubes are welded to an aluminium rectangular
profile. 4 angles are welded to fasten the goal (freestanding
The execution with a basketball unit provides an overhang of
60 cm and is delivered with a glassfibre back board of
120 × 90 cm, absolutely weather—proof, basket and net.
The execution “For insertion into ground sockets” is delivered
with ground sockets – insertion depth 300 mm – and covers.

Very important: Goal depth is 1 m. You can choose two
different executions: crossbar/upright of square profiles
80 × 80 mm or of oval profiles 120/100 mm.
Standard equipment: Natural aluminium bright finish.

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