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Players cabin World Champion

Players cabin World Champion

Company: Haspo

Model: 1911 — 1916

Category: Equipment for football

Technicals Features:
Complete with bench, wooden grille
and all necessary assembly material.
1911 — Width 1 m
1912 — Width 2 m
1913 — Width 3 m
1914 — Width 4 m
1915 — Width 5 m
1916 — Width 6 m

We deliver widths of 1 m, 2 m, 3 m, 4 m,
5 m and 6 m. Extreme tough constructions. The complete frame
construction consists of special stable hollow-chamber profiles.
The side parts are supplied as completely welded elements incl.
Bench and wooden grille are surely included. Bench boards are of
thermal whitewood, grille is preserved by boiler pressure. To fix
the cabin in the ground 2 anchoring angles each are welded at
the inside bottom of the side parts.
High-quality structual components guarantee a quick and easy
Delivery of 6 standard sizes:
Width 1 m: for the 4th refree
Width 2 m: 4 persons
Width 3 m: 6 – 7 persons
Width 4 m: 8 – 9 persons
Width 5 m: 10 –11 persons
Width 6 m: 12 –13 persons

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