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Players cabin United

Players cabin United

Company: Haspo

Model: 1813, 1814, 1815

Category: Equipment for football

Technicals Features:
1813 — Width 3 m
1814 — Width 4 m
1815 — Width 5 m
Complete with bench and all parts
needed for assembly.

The newest generation of the players’ cabin not only offers an
innovative new design, it has special advantages through its easy
assembly and increased stability.
The optimal wind and weather protection has received an
attractive new look from a new side design where the sides are
drawn downward to the inside.
By using plug-in rubber seals to fix the side panes into the
aluminium profiles and the struts in the side elements, these
components are extremely robust.
With significantly fewer connections between the sides, roof and
rear wall, the assembly is child’s play and at the same time,
increases the stability.
The substructure of the bench is directly mounted to the rear
wall and thus forms an extremely solid and uniform visual unit
with the entire cabin.
The already high bar of the players’ cabin “World Champion”
has been once again raised a bit higher.
We can supply 3 standard sizes:
Width 3 m: 6 – 7 persons
Width 4 m: 8 – 9 persons
Width 5 m: 10 –11 persons

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