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Parquet Helsinki

Parquet Helsinki
This equipment is no longer supplied. Please search through the catalog for analogues.

Company: Haro

Model: Berlin

Category: Sports coverage

Technicals Features:
Model Helsinki is a so—called elastic construction. It must be installed on an even sub—floor. The slab should be level according to DIN 18032, part II and DIN 18202:1997—04, figure 3 (compare with “PART 1 – GENERAL” 1.1 Tolerances).

The construction height of Helsinki 10 is just 39.6mm and therefore a perfect choice for refurbishment and renovations. Model Helsinki provides both a high shock absorption greater than 62% for the athlete's safety and a ball rebound of 98%.

Model Helsinki 10 features a HARO Sports hardwood floorings with 12.6 mm thickness consisting of a premium choice hardwood top layer supported by a top-quality plywood core layer. The 3.6mm hardwood top layer receives a factory applied PERMADUR“ finish for superior performance and surface protection. Helsinki 10 fully meets the requirements of German DIN V standard 18032-2; April 2001 and is officially approved by the international Basketball Association (FIBA).

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