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Multi-Use Game and Sport Surface Regupol kombi

Multi-Use Game and Sport Surface Regupol kombi

Made in: Germany

Model: Regupol kombi

Category: Coatings for outdoor sports grounds

Technicals Features:
Regupol® kombi is the multifunction sports covering for training, school sports, trend sports and fun courts. The prefabricated dual—layered rolls are quickly and easily laid on asphalt and other bound sub—bases. Its force reduction is somewhat less than that stated in the standard. This makes Regupol® kombi popular for fast ball games with the highest possible ball rebound properties.

Prefabricated Regupol® kombi has the same thickness all over and therefore offers homogeneous elasticity. The individual rolls can be produced and combined in different colours, creating low—cost contrasting colours for players with impaired vision.


  • Variable force reduction based on the type of sport
  • Optimised ball rebound based on the type of sport
  • Durable, uniform elasticity across the whole surface
  • Sure-footed and non-slip
  • Spike-resistant
  • Various surface structures rated to different sports
  • Homogenous, seamless surface
  • Ideal balance between anti-slip and sliding properties
  • Kind to joints
  • Non-slip surface
  • Minimised risk of injury
  • Ongoing quality monitoring during production and installation
  • Quickly installed by skilled staff
  • Either waterproof or water permeable
  • Low care and cleaning workload
  • Professional basic cleaning possible
  • Retopping and basic refurbishment possible
  • Resistance to weather and UV
  • Durable also under intensive use
  • Cost advantage: installation also carried out on unbound surfaces

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