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Modular numeric and alphanumeric scoreboards CALYPSO

Modular numeric and alphanumeric scoreboards CALYPSO

Manufacturer: Swiss Timing


Category: Refereeing and timing systems

Dimensions per line : 2400 x 340 x 94 mm
Weight : 18 kg (master), 14 kg (slave)
Display type : 8x 7—segments digits, 2x semicolon, amber LED
Digits height : 24 cm
Viewing distance : up to 120 m
Power supply : 115/230 VAC
Power consumption : 50 VA per line (typ.), 90 VA per line (max.)
Data connection : RS422, ARES 21 compatible (Bluetooth : see options)
Operating temperature : 0 to +50°C
Storage temperature : —30 to +85°C

CALYPSO scoreboards utilise advanced, high luminosity
LED technology to make it suitable for both
indoor and outdoor use. CALYPSO is fully compatible
with Swiss Timing products thanks to its ARES 21 protocol
for sports such as swimming, waterpolo, synchronised
swimming and diving. Numeric scoreboards
are designed to display the lane, the rank, and
timings. The alphanumeric types are designed to display
some information about the competition and the
current record. Two numeric CALYPSO versions are
available : master and slave; the master has an integrated
power supply plus driver, and can be used to
control up to three slave devices (see diagram overleaf).
CALYPSO digits are 24 cm high, each consisting
of 150 LEDs, whose brightness automatically
adapts to ambient light conditions. This ensures that
CALYPSO scoreboards always work at the optimum
contrast and brightness to provide best visibility at distances
up to 120 m.

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