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Modular Colour Display NOVA

Modular Colour Display NOVA

Manufacturer: Swiss Timing

Model: NOVA

Category: video scoreboard
The scoreboard consists of modules and can be of different sizes

Use :Outdoor Indoor
Power consumption (max.) : 540 VA 504 VA
Power consumption (aver.) : 162 VA 151 VA
Weight : 34 kg 33 kg
Life expectancy : 70'000 hours

Common specifications:
Module size: 960 x 720 x 150 mm
Colour set: RGB, 68 billion colours, 12 bit/colour, refresh rate 240 Hz
Viewing angle: 60° (vertical); 140° (horizontal)
Operating temperature : +5 to +30°C
Storage temperature : —20 to +40°C
Protection : 54 / 65 (outdoor); 21 / 54 (indoor)

Thanks to the "Enhanced Pixel Resolution" (EPR) technology, it is now possible to improve video pictures considerably using the same number of LED's. The advantage is obvious: a much higher resolution at a much better price!

Some may say that sport is pure pleasure, but high level competitions require so much effort and so many years of sacrifice by the athletes, that their performances must be put in the right light for the audience and the media covering an event. In addition, the audience is increasingly knowledgeable and aware of performance levels. When they arrive at the stadium, they already know the times to be beaten. The pleasure of attending sport events should be enhanced by direct information about the levels of performance achieved. This basic concept has been Swiss Timing’ battle horse for several decades; in fact, ever since technology made it possible to build computer controlled display boards connected to the timekeeping peripherals. Being present at important events, Swiss Timing has brought its know how and technological innovation to the venues wherever the sporting elite meet. From alphanumeric boards, the first black and white matrix boards, then video and colour. Each era has seen Swiss Timing on the field. The challenge has always been to guarantee the live audience the same visual information as they would have in front of their TV screens.

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