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Measuring sets for implements ZP-S287

Measuring sets for implements ZP-S287

Company: Polanik

Model: ZP—S287

Category: equipment for athletics

Technical Features:
measuring devices for: javelins and hammers, gravity centre tester, 2 callipers, scale, test throwing implements in terms of all technical requirements defined by the International Association of Athletics Federations Hammer testing device — unique device (registered design), guarantees fair testing for all hammers regardless of operators’’ strength, uses constant tightening force which is automatically adjusted by mechanism itself, made of durable materials like nickel—plated steel and anodized aluminium Javelin testing device — original construction (registered design), distinguished not only by high quality materials, but also by manufacturing precision, allows you to locate javelin gravity centre, read out length data and position points where to check javelin diameters with enclosed electronic calliper Gravity centre testing device — offers matchless convenience and precision while checking even heaviest shots and hammers, tested implements stay always under operator’s control without risk of falling and causing damages or injuries, stable steel construction coated with hammer powder paint of high resistance and aesthetics value, lifting hardened steel sleeve, steel galvanized lever with comfortable grip

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