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Company: Haspo

Model: 197

Category: Equipment for football

Technicals Features:
width 2.70 m, height 1.80 m

Very robust design. Completely made of solid galvanized steel
tubes, therefore optimum surface protection.
The dummies are dressed with a textile clothing which can be
removed and cleaned if necessary. The dummies are mobile and
return to their original position after they had been hit by the
ball. Excellent stability due to long fixations to keep the dummies
erect. Easy transportation due to steering wheels, two of which
are equipped with locking devices.
Extremely variable since any of the five dummies can be easily
removed and thus varying situations of the game can be trained.
Easy assembly and disassembly, since this free-kick-dummy-wall
is consisting of two lateral parts into which simply a connecting
tube is put for insertion of the dummies. Those are just hung
up – ready for use immediately.
Standard equipment: Complete incl. all necessary accessories

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