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Flooring Elite 60

Flooring Elite 60

Company: Grabo

Model: Elite 60

Category: Flooring for indoor sport halls

Technicals Features:
Grabo Elite 60 is an indoor vinyl sport floorings sheet, assuring optimal adhesion on its surface through its embossing.
The backing foams provide an optimal combination of sport— and safety functions.
The glass fibre reinforced middle layer provides good dimensional stability to the product.
CLP system provides high wear resistance and easy maintenance to Grabo Sport Elite 60.
All of the Grabo products are made with solvent free technology.

Standard length (fm) 15
Width (m) 2
Thickness EN 428 (mm) 6,0
Total weight EN 430 g/m2 4160
Sport standard P 90203 to suit
Deceleration = Safety NF P90-104 85 g
Ball rebound NF P 90-104 (m/s) 0,38
Indentation (mm) NFT 54 209 0,42
Sliding P 90-106 103
Abrasion resistance NF P90-102 0,15g
Brightness NFT 30-064 5,48
Fire safety rating/Flammability NF P 92-512
EN 13501-1
ÖNORM B 3810 &
ÖNORM B 3800/1 / DIN 4102
C fl - S1
B1 - Q1
Dimension stability EN 434 (+/-) 0,2 %
Colour fastness ISO 105B02 >6

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