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Electronic distance measurement system

Electronic distance measurement system

Manufacturer: Swiss Timing

Model: EDM

Category: Refereeing and timing systems for athletics

Weight : 6.5 kg (including support)
Power supply : 7.4V/3.8 Ah, Li—Ion battery
Battery life : 6 — 8 hours
Maximum range : 3000 m (prism)
250 m (reflective tape)
150 m (reflectorless)
Minimum range : 1.5 m
Accuracy : 2 mm
Measuring time : 1.5 s
Scope magnification : 30x
Measurement method : Phase mode (infrared laser)
Display : B/W LCD 320 x 240 pixel
Interface language : selectable
Data connection : RS232 or optional Bluetooth
Operating temperature : —20 to 50°C (operating)
Storage temperature : —40 to 70°C (storage)
Humidity : 95% (non—condensing)

Allows various distance measures, including Javelin, Discus,
Hammer throws, Shot puts, Pole vault, long and triple Jump.
Electronic distance measurement equipment presents many
advantages: it eliminates subjective influences on the result, it
features a high accuracy, it is insensitive to environmental
conditions like rain, wind and lighting, and the measured
results are directly transfered to the competition's computer.

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