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Course Lane Marking System certified by FISA and ICF

Course Lane Marking System certified by FISA and ICF

Made in: Hungary

Model: Albano

Type: main equipment for rowing channels

This system utilizes longitudinal wires for the marking of the rowing or canoeing race course lanes and has become universally used over the years. It possible to convert the race course between rowing and canoe—kayak arrangements in a matter of hours.

The Lane Marking System general advantages:
— The design is always adopted to local circumstances by our skilled engineer staff.
— The course can be converterd within a few hours, which makes it possible to organize canoe—kayak and rowing races right after each other.
— It is compatible with the Starting System.
— Water level following wire design practically makes the system insensitive against the race course water level variations
— Besides the lane marking buoys, the system includes all other race course marking materials required by the rules, such as flag buoys and numbered buoys at the finish line
— Corrosion proof materials ensure durability and long lifetime

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