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Competition pole vault stand STT-65

Competition pole vault stand STT-65

Company: Polanik

Model: STT—65

Category: equipment for athletics

Technical Features:
competition, from 200 cm to 650 cm, IAAF certificate no. E—03—0362, designed for competitions of all levels, post made of specially designed aluminium profile, resistant to weather conditions, eight ball bearings guarantee smooth work of crossbar support made of aluminium profiles and sheets, support horizontal shift range 0 cm —15 cm, innovative, patented positioning crank mechanisms of crossbar support and post ensure precision and easy operation, cranks fitted with brakes which secure crossbar support and post against uncontrolled movements, measuring tape installed in C—shaped groove protecting it against abrasion, easy tape replacement without disassembly of whole lifting mechanism, height adjustment from 200 cm to 650 cm, post shift range 0 cm — 80 cm, one crank turn shifts post by approx. 10 cm, stable base made of galvanized steel sections and sheets, two wheels enable users to easily move stands, steel side rails equipped with plastic guide rolls ensure smooth sliding of post

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