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Button judge-timekeeper OIT3

Button judge-timekeeper OIT3

Manufacturer: Swiss Timing

Model: OIT3

Category: Refereeing and timing systems

— The length of the spiral cable 3 meters;
— In the free position is open button;
— Connectors such as "banana"

Button judge Timekeeper - one of the most versatile of elements of timing. It is used in virtually any system, especially in intensive systems in which a judge is supposed duplication of automation - timekeeper. Button judge timekeeper comfortable in the hand, protected from moisture, easily and clearly pressed, is not afraid of falling. Judge timekeeper button can be used to record the finish of swimmers (with manual capture of the results), to capture the moment of starting athletes in the relay races (with manual fixing of false starts), to duplicate the swimmer touches the finish panel to fix the time for action in the synchronized swimming, to "reset" displays the time of attack in water polo and other sports that require the use of a button.

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