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Basketball unit 700

Basketball unit 700

Company: Haspo

Model: 700, 701

Category: Equipment for basketball

Technicals Features:
700 — basket height 3050 mm
Total overhang 1650 mm
701 — basket height 3050 mm
Total overhang 2250 mm
Incl. back board mounting glass—fibre back boards with basket
coloured orange, nets coloured white, all bracing, ground
sockets – insertion depth 350 mm – with cover and special

Rugged, functional single upright
construction made of 90 × 5 mm special aluminium alloy tubing.
Through a bracing additionally arranged on the tubes and a
reinforcd base to prevent bending of the upright, especially steady
and torsion resistant performance is assured.
To prevent unit distorsion, the ground sockets – total length
600 mm, insertion depth 450 mm – are provided with a cross-pin.
Appropriate slots are available at the upright end.
- Special wedges prevent wavering of uprights in the ground
sockets. Additional cross beams from back board fixing to
upright acc. to CEN-Norm
- stable rear structure as back board mounting made of thickwalled
aluminium profiles. Additional bracing of back board
mounting to upright
- glass-fibre back board – measuring 180 × 105 cm – absolutely
weather-proof, scratch- and impact-resistant finish

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