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Temperbox (Austria) - manufacturer of thermal coating of wax on the skis.

Machine for applying wax to skis

Machine for applying wax to skis

Manufacturer: Temperbox

Model: DH, GS

Category: equipment for ski sports

— Even heating provides avoiding burning of the applied layer
— Effective absorption and deep penetration by using special wax
BP88 produced by SWIX with melting temperature of 75 degrees
and effect time of 70 hours provides the depth of penetration of
38/100 mm. After tenfold treatment on polishing machine using hot
wax (device temperature is 120 degrees) the penetration achieves
depth of 12/100mm.
— High extent of wax absorption provides perfect sliding of ski for a
long time.
— In case polishing is made in appropriate way and proper maintenance
of the applied layer is provided, there should be no white stains on
the surface.
— Provides improved quality of sliding in speed sports with duration
more than 50 seconds and multiple trainings.
— Can be used for warming up (30 minutes at 50 degrees) as well as for
quick and effective smoothing of hot wax for training and
— Great time saving in comparison with a usual procedure of wax.

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